The Most Versatile Piece of Furniture

Use it to display gorgeous glass bottles and serve guests drinks and appetizers, roll out cold lemonade to your family by the pool, put it in your office as a stylish printer storage, or use it in your nursery to have convenient rocking chair side storage.

Whatever you decide to use it for there is no question that bar carts are some of the most versatile and functional pieces of furniture that you can have in your home!

Bar Cart Bathroom Storage


Use a bar cart to beautifully display bath salts, towels, and fresh cut flowers next to your tub for convenient and inviting storage. 

Also use a bar cart next to your tub to conveniently place a bottle of wine on and share a romantic evening with your special someone or unwind after a long day.


Porch and Poolside Refreshments

Bring cold lemonade to your family on a hot day or enjoy an evening on your porch with friends and family. Set up your bar cart with ice, refreshments, and snacks to keep you from having to keep going in and out. Be the hostess with the mostess without missing any of the conversation! 


But first, coffee...

Having a beautiful coffee cart to serve guests after dinner coffee can make for a convenient serving tool when hosting a dinner party. Or perhaps you cannot function at all without coffee. Roll a coffee cart wherever you usually sit in the morning to wake up whether it's right next to your bed or in your favorite chair-you can wake up without having to get up for a refill.


Roll-away Bedside Storage

If you are a commitment phobe when it comes to buying furniture and are plagued by the "Will I like it in 10 years?" and "What if we move?" question then getting yourself a bar cart is about as safe of a furniture purchase you can make. Use it as a nightstand in the guest room for now but if you downsize or move you can repurpose it for just about anything!


Stylish and Portable Nursery Storage

Having convenient diapers, wipes, burp cloths and all that goes along with a new baby is a must (or at least I assume it is). Use a bar cart to have rocking chair side convenience for both you and your new bundle of joy. When your baby stops breastfeeding repurpose your bar cart for another room or use.


The Bar Cart Bar

Of course you can always use your bar cart for an actual bar. Display gorgeous glass bottles. stylish stemware and your favorite spirits. Add a dash of color with a bouquet of real or fake botanicals.


Masculine and Practical

If there is one thing men love when it comes to decorating (other than not decorating and spending money at all) it is practicality. Let your husband or significant other channel Don Draper in their home office or man cave with an industrial bar cart. Not only is it cool but it also serves a purpose. 


Go Green

If you are a plant lover like I am a bar cart is the perfect investment to display your houseplants on. Conveniently roll them to the sink to water them or roll them outside on a beautiful sunny day. Plus having lush green plants spilling over the sides of your bar cart adds so much life and color to your home.

There are so many uses for bar carts! They may be my favorite piece of furniture because they have endless possibilities. From gathering dirty dishes, displaying refreshments, or acting as a console bar carts can add style and functionality to a party or your everyday life. Or they can easily disguise an ugly vent or something you'd rather not stare at all day but if you need to access whatever your bar cart is camouflaging simply roll it out of the way!

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