Save Thousands With This One Thing

"Buy the most expensive car you can afford and drive it until the wheels fall off." I like this advice and I think it applies to upholstery. Upholstery is where you really do not want to skimp.

Take it from me. I bought a couch on major sale less than two years ago and when I say it looks TERRIBLE today that is an understatement. The slipcover does not fit right and only looked good for about the first month. One of the legs has completely fallen off and a stack of tile is currently supporting the back right corner. As soon as I am done with my renovation I am going to buy the most expensive couch I can afford and keep it for 10+ years. Never will I make the "it was on sale!"  mistake ever again.

In addition to not skimping on upholstery you should be stain treating your rugs, textiles, upholstery, throw pillows and even your kids clothes. Stain treating upholstery seems like such an obvious way to potentially save thousands of dollars. But I have never met any one that knows how amazing and easy it is to prevent your brand new sofa from getting ruined and keep it looking good for many many years to come.

Watch what happens when I pour soy sauce on this stain treated fabric.

Stain treating fabric does not change the color, softness, or texture of the fabric. Of course, I recommend doing a test area first (although I confess I have never actually done this). I recommend using at least 1 16oz bottle per sofa. I have used 4 on an optic white sofa before and it still looks great in a house with 2 toddlers and a dog. 

I recommend spraying your sofa thoroughly (until it is wet) every night until you've completely used up 1-4 bottles. 

To get the level of stain treatment that repels soy sauce like in the video you do have to use ALOT. However, if you don't eat sushi on your white sofa you may just want to do 1-2 bottles. 

To purchase the Sarah Virginia Home stain treating solution please click here. 


Virginia Harper

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