Know what you know and know what you don't

One of my favorite clients decided to hire me when she was sick and tired of making expensive mistakes. The first day I showed up she had 5 rugs she had purchased over the internet that she could not return. None of them worked. The size, patterns, colors, everything about them just wouldn’t work in her space. She finally decided she was just not good at this. So she called on someone who was. 
If decorating is not your thing, furniture shopping feels like a chore or the thought of putting a room together gives you anxiety then its probably time to consult a professional. 
Everyone is different and some people take longer than others to reach the point of being comfortable with the idea of redecorating and implanting a lot of change. I like to make sure they have all the time they need to feel good about giving me the green light to place orders and line up a team for their install day. I know plenty of great designers that do charge hourly but personally, I charge just for product. 
Designers also help narrow down all of the selection out there. So they can show you 5 great fabrics to choose from instead of 80,000 that you can find on the internet. They also know how to get furniture into your home, where to place it and exactly how to hang pictures, window treatments, etc. If decorating is not your thing you should at least consider a consultation with a designer- I promise, you will be glad you did. 
Virginia Harper

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