How to Get a Killer Room

A Killer Design Starts With a Vision Board

Because it is easy to get overwhelmed with putting a whole room together, I always recommend making a vision board. Vision boards act as a road map for a design. They help you see what will work and what will not before you make any purchases. Here is a simple and easy way to make your own vision board so you can see how everything works together in order to get the room you love: 

  • Take pictures of existing pieces that are going to stay in the room and put them on your vision board first. If these pieces are going to stay you need to make the rest of the design work with them.
  • Where to start? There are a few different strategies you can use but the one I recommend most is starting with something you love. Whether its a piece of art, a rug, a fabric swatch or even a small accessory- find that one things that speaks to you and work the entire room around that one item. Print out a picture of that item and add it to your vision board. Make sure it works with the pieces that are gong to stay in the room.
  • For every item your room needs pick three different options. For example, if you need a new coffee table choose three that you love. Do this for every item you need to add to the room.
  • Print all of your options out. And slowly start adding one item at a time.
  • You will have to play around with it a little bit but try to choose items that go together but aren’t the same. For example, if you choose a reclaimed pine coffee table you probably should choose end tables that don’t have a wood finish. If your end tables are gilded and shiny you should try something distressed for your lamps. If your light fixture is square, try a round ottoman. Can you have both a square ottoman and a square light fixture? Absolutely. But mixing different shapes, textures, pattern scales, etc. Creates dimension and interest in a room.
  • If you can’t put a vision board together you probably shouldn’t try to put a room together. Trust me, it is a lot cheaper to make a vision board than to decorate a room, and a vision board can keep you from making costly mistakes. I make a vision board for every room I do. I do it to show clients but I also do it for myself. I have made a vision board for every room in my house. If you get too frustrated or can’t find a way to put a look together I would love to help. Please fill out the form on the “free design consultation page” to get started.

Virginia Harper


Virginia Harper

I love both of these vision boards!

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