The Biggest Mistake People Make When (Re)Decorating

Whether you just moved or are wanting to redo your entire house it can be really overwhelming to figure out where to start and where to spend the money you have. If you don’t have the budget to redo the entire house at once start in the room that you spend the most time in. Most likely the living room or bedroom. Focus completely on this room. Do not get a piece for another room because it was on sale or because it was too great to pass over. Trust me, there will be another sale and there will be another piece. Stay focused. 
The reason I urge clients to go one room at a time is largely because it is better to have one space completely finished that you LOVE than every room in your house halfway done and not looking the way you want it too. You will get more out of the money that you spend if you concentrate spending it in one room. When you spread out your budget throughout every room in the house it is far less impactful and then you feel the stress of your house needing to be complete and no room is even close. 
When you have guests that come over and see your living room that you just completed and its absolutely fabulous, they are hardly going to be focused on the fact that there are no pictures in the hallway or that powder bath needs an update. Plus, you won’t have to keep making those, “Sorry! this room isn’t finished yet!” excuses. You will stress yourself out if you have a piece-mealed room that looks like you tried and failed to make it look good. Trust me. One room done is better than 5 rooms halfway finished
Don’t make the big mistake of trying to do a little in each room sporadically. Don’t try to spread your money throughout the entire house if you don’t have the budget to redo the entire house. Even if you do have the budget to redo the entire house you should still go room by room and have a vision board for every single room to help keep you focused on the design not just decorating. Do not let yourself loose sight of the big picture.
Virginia Harper


Virginia Harper

Excellent advice. I’m the queen of “but this was on sale!”—and thus never feeling great about any rooms in our house.

Virginia Harper

A bird in the hand (or on the wall) is worth two in the bush!

Virginia Harper

“One room done is better than 5 rooms halfway finished.” Great advice, and I’m trying to stay focused!

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