Color Trend: Pops of Pink

Pink is definitely in for home decor and I am loving it! I tend to bend towards very neutral rooms, lots of white, and I love to mix warm and cool neutrals with texture for interest. However, everyone needs a little color! I usually keep bright accent colors, like pink, to 10 percent of a room. Maybe 20 percent if I am feeling wild and my client's husband either doest not care or thinks that their new throw pillow is actually red. This has actually happened with two of my clients...their husbands both thought that something that was clearly pink was red (shhh…).
Check out these pictures to see some examples of incorporating pops of pink into your home. Pillows, flowers, throws, art and small accents are a great way to introduce a new accent color. You can tie accent colors by peppering it throughout the room or you can feature it in just one piece- preferably one that has additional colors from the room like this painting in the bathroom vision board below. 
This bathroom features:
This living room vision board features the following products:
This vision board features:
You don't even have to use an accent color in 10% of the room. This vision board (below) features the painting "Coastal Calm" which has the tiniest accent of magenta in the painting. So that accent stroke still stands out I put this vision board together with just one pillow that will pick up the pink in the painting without competing with it. Pillows are without a doubt my favorite thing to add color with. It's not a huge commitment but it can be very high impact. 
This vision board features

This framed quote has a special personal sentiment to me but I have found that this verse from 1 Corinthians 13 resonates with many people. What a great reminder to hang in your home and also a great way to incorporate a pop of pink!

Framed quote "Love Never Fails"

Virginia Harper


Virginia Harper

Haha, I love that your clients husbands actually thought something was red:) I would like you to write about how to persuade your husband that you need either something expensive or something that isn’t his taste (pink).

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