Home Decor Styles Defined

"What is my home decor style?"

Most of my clients ask me to diagnose their style after I’ve shown them different pictures and asked them a series of questions to see what they like and what they don’t like. Style is something that is unique to each individual. Here is a breakdown of a few different interior design styles to help you better figure out what kind of influences your personal style may have. I will write separate blog post for every style below to explore each in more detail-so stay tuned.


Transitional Home Decor

Transitional style is where traditional and contemporary break even. The lines of transitional furniture are not as ornate and formal as a lot of traditional pieces but they are not as clean and severe as modern furniture. It's updated and fresh and usually appeals to most people because it is a mix of two extremely different styles. It's the best of both worlds! 


French Home Decor

French style is elegant and romantic. French style rooms are usually tonal, meaning one color is used throughout the room in different shades. Some prominent staples of French style are carved wood details, painted furniture, Bergere chairs, soft quiet color palettes, dramatic, pooling window treatments, rich textures, gold and gilded accents, and polished bouquets of fresh cut flowers.


English Home Decor

Plaid, rich hues, dark wood furniture, symmetry, twisted table legs, skirted and tufted upholstery, botanical prints, & organic patterns are staples of English style. High contrast art work and slightly more “traditional” furniture are classic Anglican Home accents. English style is refined and sophisticated. English style is not afraid of a little color-especially on the walls- just watch Downton Abbey! If the downstairs of Downton appeals to you more your style may be farmhouse.  



Belgian Home Decor

You may not know that Restoration Hardware is a Belgian company. Raw wood, neutral linens, earth tones, minimal pattern, and matte waxed wood finishes are staples of Belgian home decor. Belgian style is not fussy or gilded and it’s never trying too hard-it is practical and neutral. It typically contains a range of textures and materials from concrete to of course, linen.  Belgian furnishings are quiet but powerful. To see more Belgian inspired rooms and products from Sarah Virginia Home click here.

 Farmhouse Home Decor

Focused on functionality and practicality, Farmhouse style is not glamorous or polished. It is rustic, inviting and warm. Chippy whites, distressed finishes, wood planked walls, farmhouse sinks, exposed wood beams, open shelves, plate racks of white china, jars, live plants, repurposed furniture and knotty pine make up that down-home, come as you are vibe that every modern farmhouse showcases.  

Coastal Home Decor

Coastal style is calm and harmonious. Blues and greens, lots of whites and creams, sisal, jute, distressed finishes, driftwood, woven wood, glass accents, whitewashed wood, and art work that is simple and peaceful. It is casual, peaceful and inviting. It is possible to get coastal style without your home reading “beach house”. Stay tuned.


Virginia Harper

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