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I may sounds like a broken record but lighting makes the room. I usually have the hardest time convincing clients to ditch their ceiling fans and get a fabulous new light fixture to brighten, update and transform their bedroom. I understand wanting to have a fan and sleep in a cool room but it doesn't mean your source of cold air has to be directly over the center of your bed. There are plenty of fans on the market that can be mounted in the corner of a room on the wall. And most people only use their ceiling fan in the summer months so why miss out on such a key design element in your bedroom when you can get a free standing or corner mount fan and use it when you need it and store it when you don't. 

Again, this is a hard thing to convince people to do so maybe a little bit of inspiration of some fabulous bedroom light fixtures may inspire you to ditch your ceiling fan and get a new chandelier or pendant to update your bedroom.


White Bedroom with Pops of Pink and Gold

This room is so clean and airy-I just love it! The gold cage drum shade is stunning and high impact over the bed. It adds a little pattern, texture, and shine with it's gilded cage and linen shade. It is still soft enough to put in such a feminine room because it does not have exposed bulbs. However, the Peterson Pendant can be mixed with just about any style decor.


The Transitional Drum Light

This transitional light fixture from Worlds Away is an updated take on your typical drum shade chandelier. It's a great balance of old and new with it's traditional silhouette and modern, geometric lines. Gorgeous in this coastal bedroom! Update your bedroom with the Dallas Gold Pendant.



The Versatile Lantern 

Regina Andrew's 5 Light Camden Lantern is a modern approach on a classic  design. What is so great about lanterns is you can put them in any room, they are gender neutral, and have time enduring style. Lanterns are not a new trend and although they are definitely in style right now they are not so trendy that they are going to go out as fast as they came in. That's the funny thing about trends, the bigger they are the harder they fall. Who remembers how everything was Chevron? Now no one wants it at all. Is this lantern on trend? Yes! But it's not chevron trendy. 



A Touch of Glam

I love the dressy, unexpected light fixture in this room. What a great mix of rustic and glam; old and new. Burlap lamp shades mixed with a clean skirt-less bed. Rustic mirrored nightstands mixed with armless chairs and a geometric rug. The entire look is topped off with a glamorous crystal light fixture. Dressy but not over done. What a fabulous, eclectic mix- Love it! Get the look with Zentique's Ancil Chandelier.



Classic French Elegance

Impactful details and a flowing silhouette make this French inspired chandelier from Aidan Gray stunning over a bed. Draw attention to this stunning French chandelier by surrounding it with of white or pale colored walls. Elegant but not overdone. Romantic but not overly sacrine. Get the look with Aidan Gray's Charlemagne Chandelier.







Opal Chandelier

Lovely barely translucent opal is layered to create this tiered, transitional fixture. I love the idea of mixing it with traditional and formal furnishings. This chandelier's pearlescent sheen makes it dressy enough to go, but it is modern and unexpected enough that you don't look like you take yourself too seriously. Get the look with Regina Andrew's Opal Chandelier.














Delicate Beaded Chandelier


Strings of crystal beads draped from tiled antique mirror frame come together to create this luxe chandelier. A quiet room of mostly whites works so well with this stunning light fixture. Create a quiet, peaceful retreat with refined elegance in your guest room with the Currey and Co Highbrow Chandelier.


Bubble Glass Pendant

Bubble glass chandelier are trending. I love this shiny clear glass with a touch of whimsy chandelier. Adding an unexpected, transitional light fixture to a room is the easiest and most effective way to update it. Modern is in right now and this bubble glass chandelier can be just want you need to make your bedroom more current. Get the look with Regina Andrew's Bubble Glass chandelier.



Modern Farmhouse Pendant

Add rustic charm to any bedroom with this aged iron chandelier. Use it to offset a room that leans very feminine or use it to create a focal point in a rustic industrial bedroom. The geometric interlocking circles leans more contemporary than say X's or Greek Key and the rustic finish of the hand forged cage makes it a great choice for your modern farmhouse. Get the look with the
New Orleans Pendant.












Virginia Harper

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