2016 Color of the Year: Rose Quartz

The 2016 Pantone color of the year is Rose Quartz. I am loving this soft pink shade and all the dusty pink home decor and furnishings trending in 2016. 

Let's state the obvious: Pink is not a gender neutral color. You will likely hear your husband groan as you scroll through this post and perhaps get excited to add a touch of blush to your space. And although I prefer not get involved with your marriage, let me just say that husbands are usually the biggest obstacle in my profession and I've learned a thing or two.

In my experience, men usually prefer to spend money on the outside of the house rather than on the inside, they think throw pillows are absolutely pointless and "because it's ugly" is not an acceptable excuse to replace something. So typically they don't particularly enjoy seeing my vision boards. 

However, I usually tell my clients that my goal is not for their husbands to be excited about the vision board I've put together (although its great if they are!) but the goal is for them not to hate anything. If they absolutely hate a particular piece I always pull it from the look. But in general, I have found that husbands rarely get excited to redecorate. 

I've never been married so I am hardly an expert on the subject but I usually try to find some way of winning them over by framing something sentimental, getting them a great recliner, or bringing them some great candles. For some reason almost every husband of my clients really like candles. I am not sure if that is a universal thing or just a coincidence, but either way free candles have helped me win over many husbands. 

So basically, if your husband can live with pink or doesn't hate the idea of a pop of Rose Quartz I say go for it! They might say they don't like your new throw pillow but it's probably not even because of the color-its probably because it's a throw pillow and they think it's "pointless." 

Because I am single I am currently incorporating Rose Quartz into my living room with throw pillows, art, and accessories. Below are some looks that feature the latest trending color. In general I like to keep accent colors between 10 and 30 percent of the room because I tend to like more neutral rooms.

Keep your house on trend by adding pops of Rose Quartz with these looks... 

White and Blush Elegance

The quiet neutral abstract "Blush Emergence" was my inspiration for this living room look. It has a soft, gray and white back ground and has layers of rose quartz blended into it. This look features the Davis Chair, the Fiona Lantern, the Sunset Lamp, the Acrylic Hexagon Coffee Table, the Diamond Inset Sideboard, and the Natasha Table.


Rose and Gray

This lovely living room look was the inspiration for this vision board. This room is elegant, graceful and feminine. It features refined pieces and mixed materials such as embroidered and embellished linens, antique brass, and an alabaster urn lamp.  Mixing textures, sheens and materials is a great way to add dimension and interest to a room with a soft color palette. This look features my absolute favorite chair and a pale pink rug from Kate Spade's new and affordable textile collection. 

Get the look with these pieces: the Studded Linen Pillow, the Amanda pillow in Rose Quartz, the Greige Arm Chair, the Vintage Trenton Chandelier, the Flat Iron Rug from Kate Spade New York, the Bernard Coffee Table, and the Alabaster Table Lamp.


Restful Rose Bedroom

This restful pink and white bedroom mixes bright whites, transitional furniture, and dusty pinks. You can never go wrong with bright whites and crisp white linens in bedrooms, because the result is a room that is clean and inviting.

Incorporate the latest color into your bedroom with these products: the Jackie 4 drawer Chest, the Concrete Anders Sunburst Mirror, White Folded Glass Lamp, The Capiz Shell Chandelier, The Iron Geometric Bench, and the Flat Iron Rug from Kate Spade New York.







Virginia Harper

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