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Banquette and upholstered bench seating is trending in 2016 for both eat-in kitchens and dinging rooms. Meal time may be the only chance you and your family have to download your day and check in with each other. Having an upholstered dining setee or banquette is not only a way make your eating area more inviting but accomadates lengthy dinner conversations long after the plates have been cleared. Here is my guide on choosing the right banquette for your space...

Choose the right size. There is a great deal of flexibility when choosing what size banquette is right for your table. Some poeple hesitate to go for a banquette because they think it will be too hard to get into. Choosing a banquette that stretches past the ends of your table is a great way to make for seating that is easy to get in and out of. I am loving round tables with full size banquettes right now!

Get this look with the Eileen Sofa, Blush Emergence, the Sylvie Cane Back Dining Chair, the Globe Four Light Glass Pendant, the Metallic Iron Round Table, and the transitional Elizabeth Buffet.

Banquettes are a great way to save space because they can go right up against a wall in an eating area. You need to factor in at least 3 feet behind every dining chair to make room for them to pull out. if your dining area isn't big enough to have a three foot perimeter behind every dining chair, a banquette is a great way to save space without cutting down on seating.  Check out the look below! I love how this dine in kitchen forgoes chairs completely on one side to make it open and inviting to sit in. Tons of comfortable seating and style.

Get the look with the Marjorie Chandelier, the Warden Bench, the Keyhole Cabinet, and the Oliver Dining Table.

Choosing the right silhouette. A banquette bench that is the same width as your table with arms can be difficult to get in and out of. To avoid making your banquette feel like your awkwardly climbing into a bad restaurant booth choose a larger size than your table as I mentioned above, or try an armless banquette.

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Choosing the right table. Pedestal and trestle tables work best with banquette seating. Because you usually don't pull out a banquette to sit down you want to have as much room as possible to get in without banging your knee against a table leg. 

Get this casual but elegant dining room look with the transitional Adam's Dining table (one of my favorites!), Nature's Bliss (one of two gorgeous abstract landscapes), the Hilton Cabinet, Regina Andrew Quatre Mirror (pictured in dining room), the Annabelle Lantern,  and the Lorand Bench.

Choosing the right quality. Upholstery is where you never want to skimp on quality. Though that $699 banquette looks good in an airbrushed photoshopped stock photo online and it may even look good when it arrives, cheap upholstery never wears well. Choosing upholstery with high quality upholstery foam that is comfortable but firm and supportive to eat at is a must. Think tempurpedic not lazy boy when choosing banquette seating. Good quality upholstery is expensive and there is usually not a way around it. Trust me, you get what you pay for. But even if you can swallow the price of a gorgeous, exceptional quality banquette you are probably worried about spills and stains. 

Protecting your banquette. In my experience most of my clients do not know how effective stain treating upholstery can be. Below is a video to demonstrate the power of stain treating your upholstery. So stop making the excuse the you have uncomfortable wood dining seats because you have children and they spill everything. You can have your cake and eat it as messily as you want to on your new banquette when you stain treat it properly. Don't believe me? Check out this video:


Virginia Harper

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