All About Virginia!

Hi! I am Virginia, owner of Sarah Virginia Home.

I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia (hence, using my middle name as my first..typical "southern" thing). 

Most days you will find me barefoot with my two cats, Benjamin Moore and Pantone --painting, sketching new designs, or creating an original piece of art. When I look at the world I see possibilities. I am a true artist at heart and have always had an eye for style and a fervor to create beautiful things.

Residential Interior Design is what I love to do. I love taking a space that does not work for my client and making it their dream come true. My favorite part of the whole process is the big reveal. Seeing them so happy is the best!

I especially love when clients let me do projects on site: paint a piece of furniture, mix a custom color or create a painting for them. Getting to know my client is most important to me. I love creating beautiful spaces, but at the end of the day, its just a space, the client is what matters most! 

I absolutely love what I do and would love to do it with you! Do you need a custom paint color? Painting? Renovation? I would love to work with you, head on over to our Design Consultation page to chat with me! 


 If you want to know more about me, check out these fun facts: 

I will not under any circumstances eat cooked carrots.

I have a severe phobia of possums.

If I were to really go out and splurge on something I would buy a custom Taboret!

My favorite clients are ones that let me do a few projects on site- whether it’s painting a piece of furniture or a piece of art. Or that ones that set me up with people. #allidoiswork #nostraightmeninthisindustry

My favorite thing to watch ever is Planet Earth2! One is also good. Other than that I don’t watch anything. I’d rather be painting.

I’ll pass on any invitation to go to the movies or a concert.

Growing up I had my heart set on living in the house that’s in father of the bride.

My childhood crush: Aladdin

I’m still looking for: a gold and white chess set. Ive been searching for years.

My nieces call me YA-YA

My favorite comedian of all time is Nate Bargatze. I stalk him.

Back in high school I told someone I was in college and went to LSU. They asked me what city it was in. Still not sure.

In elementary school I “sorted my laundry” and did one load for shirts and one load for pants/bottoms.

The first movie I ever cried in was Honey I Shrunk the Kids when the ant died.

Favorite food is watermelon.

Favorite dessert: DONUTS. Especially chocolate cream filled.

My favorite scent in the whole world is GAIN.

I never go to the grocery store. I have all my groceries delivered. It’s actually less expensive. (And let me guess, you don’t do it bc you like to pick out your own produce. One time I got bad grapes. They refunded and replaced within 2 hours. It’s not that serious. How you spend your time is.)

I think every person over the age of 60 should put notes on all their furniture that says “if I die and you inherit this you don’t have to keep it.” Except me. I won’t do that. Everyone would want my furniture, duh!

I wrote a will in the 8th grade and hid it in the book “Goodbye Mr. Chips”.

Virginia Harper


Virginia Harper

Virginia, I love your website! I’d like to purchase a fairly large painting from you for my living room. Your art work is fabulous.

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