Decorate with the 2018 Color of the Year

The Color Purple

The actual color of the year is Ultra Violet. Basically, purple is in. Not just ultra violet. But all shades from plum to lavender. Purple is the combination of primary colors blue and red. It has the calming affect of blue and the stimulation and energy of red.

For centuries, the color purple has been associated with wealth and royalty. In fact, during Queen Elizabeth I's reign only close members of the royal family were permitted to wear this rare color. Purple's elite status comes from the rare cost of the dye needed to produce it. The Queen of England still wears a purple robe and a purple crown for coronation. 

Today, this elite and fabulous color is the 2018 Pantone color of the year! Whether you want to transition some of your dusty rose, millenial pink, or rose quartz to cooler purple tones or go bold with bright pops of purple rich plum, here are some ways to incorporate this 2018 color trend into your home. 

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Instant Update: Purple Pillows

If you are like me and bend towards more neutral color palettes and prefer to keep your rooms 10-20% color then using accessories to incorporate plum, lavender, violet, and all things the color purple is probably the way you want to go.

Pillows are a great way to refresh, update and give a whole new look to your space. Make your living room instantly on trend with new throw pillows. 

Nothing against TJMaxx, but if you have never spent more than 100$ on a pillow I encourage you to bite the bullet and buy a nice, overstuffed two sided, designer pillow. You won't regret it. If you'll spend 200$ on a pair of boots or jeans why wouldn't you spend just as much on a pillow that you will be looking at every day for the next few years? Pillows can transform a room and trust me, it's okay to be a pillow snob. I never put pillows on any sofa that are less than 22". Most pillows that you find at Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel etc. are 18"-20". Those few inches make all the difference! 

Plus, sometimes the more you spend on something the more you love it. Think about an Old Navy vs. Tory Burch top. If the greatest thing about your throw pillows is how much you saved it's time to get some new ones. 

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Purple in Art 

Another great way to add this trending color to your home is with art. I almost always start each room i do with art. My client and I select a piece of art that evokes the mood and style of the room they want. I select all furniture, fabrics, and accessories around one piece of art. It helps rooms stay cohesive. 

Art is very powerful and can set the tone and mood of a room. Think about what the particular room is used for when choosing a piece of art. For example, bedrooms are for sleep. So, I recommend keeping peaceful, restful art in the bedroom. More playful, vibrant, and energetic paintings can go in other rooms in the house. Ultimately, art is subjective. So if you like it, go for it. Don't over think it.

For the vision board below, I started with a gorgeous painting by Carol Benson Cobb. All of the pieces I chose for the rest of the room support the calm, fresh vibe of the painting. 

Purchasing a piece of art that has some purple along with multiple other colors is a perfect jumping off point for a new room design. This was you can have a dimensional color palette and pick and choose what colors in the art you wish to accent. The great thing about purple is it is neither warm or cool making it versatile with just about any color. It has the calming affects of blue and the stimulation of red. It's hard to think of a color that doesn't go with purple. 


Click here to shop art with the 2018 color of the year. Whether you are into smokey amethyst and dusty plum or vibrant fig find the piece of art that speaks to you (as cheesy as that sounds) and inspires you to freshen up or totally revamp a room in your home. 

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Purple Fabric

The thing I love about home decor is there are a million ways to get the look you want. From wall color and light fixtures, to throw pillows and bookends you can use each piece you place in your room to support your vision. Fabric, whether it is on pillows or window treatments, is an obvious way to incorporate purple into your home. 


Below are some of my favorite fabrics that have soft purple for your home. Some of my favorite fabric designers and artisans are Lulie Wallace, Galbraith and Paul, and Schumacher. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing fabric. 





Virginia Harper

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