Family, Fun, and Festivities!

The Fourth of July has always been centered around family, fun, and festivities. I think about the countless hours spent decorating my bicycle in my red Keds for the annual neighborhood Fourth of July Parade. I think of picking out the perfect watermelon to eat. And I think of when I would go to camp with my sisters every year-- we would dress up patriotic and go to the fair. One year she dressed up as Miss America and I dressed up as Miss Understood. 

One of the reasons that I love designing spaces for people is that they will get to experience family, fun, and festivities in the spaces that I createI want to make a space that allows you to have your family over for The Fourth of July and not worry about the pie getting on your couch. I want you to have a kitchen and living room where you can host barbecues and baby showers with plenty of space for all because we have specifically designed the space for your needs. I want you to be able to move the furniture around, pop the confetti, and let the bubbly flow. You need a home for family, fun, and festivities!

I have spent many years crafting and creating ways to enhance your space so that all of these experiences will be a memory that you look back on, not something that you stress about. 

This is a living room, kitchen I designed for my friend Abby. She has three kids, a dog and hosts many parties in this space. We created a clean, open, and inviting space using light colored fabrics. I know, I know what you are thinking "I have three kids and a dog, I cannot have white or linen couches!" Actually you can!!!! We stain treat all our fabrics, from rugs to couches to banquettes, we stain treat it so you do not have to stress! [Check out our instagram for a video of us pouring wine over our treated fabric!]

Here is a real life picture of her sweet little girl getting ready for a party! 

You can have a beautiful, curated space while truly living and experiencing life in your home!

How can I help you? What spaces do you need redesigned to fit your lifestyle? Head on over to our design consultation page and lets get creating! 



Virginia Harper

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