Happy Fourth to You!


Red, White, and Blue! Happy Fourth to you!

I have pulled together my favorite Fourth of July inspired items from some from of my favorite vendors and of course, Sarah Virginia Home! Whether you are hosting a Fourth of July Party or lounging by the pool, all of these items will add a little patriotic fun to whatever you are doing! 

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1. Cupcake Kit from Meri Meri

2. Cat/Dog bow tie from Ripley on Etsy

3. Hat from Amazon

4. Earrings from Zenzii

5. Dinnerware from Juliska

6. Swizzel Sticks from Etsy

7. Paper Stars from The Paper Lantern Company

8. Paper Runner from Canery and King


What is your favorite Fourth of July inspired piece? I love the abstract painting. I always start each room I design with art. Art sets the entire tone, mood, and color palette of a room.

I would love to help you choose the right piece of art for your room. Residential design is what I love to do and I would love to help you! Send me a DM, text, or head over to our design consultation page and let me know how I can help you.

I wanted to share one last fun Fourth of July memory.  Every Fourth of July Atlanta hosts the worlds largest 10k: The Peachtree Roadrace. How cool! It is such a fun event: everyone dresses up in patriotic gear, music is blaring and each person is cheering one another on. Everyone is on the same team, rooting for one another...what America is all about!  I have never ran it, but have cheered my sisters along. My favorite memory is when they dressed up as The Founding Fathers. Check out Rachel + Ruthie! 


What are you buying this week?? Make sure to use this FIREWORKS at check out. Let us know what you buy by tagging us on instagram and use #mysvhome.



Virginia Harper

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