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In our last blog post, we told you that every room needs art! Art gives your home personality by setting the tone, mood and color palette. It creates texture, depth, and creates a focal point in your home. 

Because we love art so much and think that everyone needs it in their home, this weekend we are giving you $100 off all art, when purchasing $500 worth of art. 

Remember that all of the paintings on Sarah Virginia Home are high quality reproductions and made to order. Every time you buy art from Sarah Virginia Home and not a big box store, an artist somewhere makes a profit. Thank you for supporting artists around the world!


Sarah Virginia Home



This is what I love to do and what I am good at. I am very good at picking out the correct color palettes for a room, beginning with a piece of art. I would love to help you pick out the right size and design of your painting. Send us a DM, text, or submit a design consultation form.




Virginia Harper

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