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Have you ever bought art for your home? Do you start decorating each room around a piece of art? Do you know where to find authentic, original art? 

I love art. I am a true artist at heart. However, I know for most people, choosing art can be quite a hard task. I want to give you three tips to help you see the importance of art as well as highlight my favorite artists and galleries to source art.

1. Art is one of the most important things in a home. When designing a room, always start each design with artwork. It sets the entire tone, mood, and color palette for each space that it is in. So it should be something that you LOVE. Not something you just bought to fill the wall bc you are over it and having a party next week. It is the focal point of your space. Art makes a space!

If you wait until the very end to add a piece of art work into a space, it can be very hard to find the correct size, color, or design. This is probably about the time that you get frustrated because you can't find exactly what you want and head to Homegoods to search for art. Do not make decisions when you are fatigued. Consult an expert! We are here to help.

2. Artists spend time and effort to create unique pieces that are a reflection of themselves. With each purchase there is an artist out there doing a happy dance. Support art and curated collections that are unique and stand apart. Artists do not profit from big box stores buying their art. Did you know that they digitally alter the art to appeal to their consumers?! Every time you purchase art, especially from Sarah Virginia Home, there is an artist that is directly affected.

All of the paintings on my site are high quality reproductions. That's right. They aren't inkjet printed. Have you ever see the word "giclee" and wondered what that means? Essentially, the original work of art is scanned and painted by a machine. So, all of our giclees have texture and brushstrokes, making them look like the real thing! When you cant afford an original, a giclee is definitely the best choice. 

3. Earth without ART is just EH. It is so true. If our world did not have varying shades of colors, textures, and movements--how boring would our world be? This is the same for a house. If you do not add in different elements, colors, and textures into your home, your home is just going to be eh. Remember that art gives a home personality and creates a focal point that reflects the vibe that you want in your space.

Are you bold and colorful and unexpected? Are you soft and feminine and sophisticated? Get a piece of art that reflects your personal style and the mood you want to set in your space. Whether you are casual or polished, traditional or modern-- there is a piece of art out there for your space. If you don't know where to start contact us. 

Now you see the importance of art, here are some of my favorite artists:

Katie Madden Fine Art


My favorite places to get Art are:

We would love to help you choose the correct art for your space! Send us a DM, text or submit a design consultation request. We are here for you and would love to help!
Kait Turner

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