How to Hang Art in 5 Easy Steps!

Picture hanging. Seems pretty simple right? You may think it is simple, but 9 out of the 10 homes that I consult have crooked art, gallery walls that have inconsistent spacing, holes surrounding their wall decor, or pictures and art they haven't hung yet because it's a pain. Here is my 5 step guide and everything you need to know about the easiest way to hang pictures. Let's get it done!


What you need:
1. Painters Tap
2. Pen or Marker
3. Monkey Hooks
4. Level*

*Pro tip: If you don't have a level handy download the level app for free on your smartphone

 Step 1:

All art that is ordered through Sarah Virginia Home already have D-Hooks attached to the back. However, if the piece of art that you are hanging does not, all you have to do is screw one D-Hook to each side of the painting about a third of the way down from the top. Make sure they are even. 

Step 2:

 Step 3: 

Place your tape on the wall where you want to hang your art. Make sure it is level. In my own house I usually just eyeball it. If the tape looks straight the picture will look straight. But in clients houses I always use a level. Don't have a level handy? Download a free level app on your phone. Works perfectly!


Step 4:

Monkey Hooks are so easy. No hammers, nails, hooks, or tools required (can I get an amen!) Monkey hooks are sharp on the ends so you can push them straight into sheetrock precisely where you want them to go. Simply insert a monkey hook on each of the marks on the tape -- thats it! 

Click here or watch below to see how to properly use a Monkey Hook.

Step 5: 

There you go! Line up your D-Hooks with each end of the Monkey Hook and hang your art!


I start each room I design with art. Art set the entire tone, mood, and color palette for a space.  Here are some of my favorites!

Now you should have the confidence to hang your art work. We cannot wait to see what you decide to hang! If you need some inspiration head on over to our Pinterest or website.

Where are you going to hang your art work this weekend?
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Video Tutorials: 

Virginia Harper

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