Worth the Splurge

Today I am highlighting one of my favorite home features: steel windows. How gorgeous are these steel windows? Steel windows are expensive, however, if you can afford them, they absolutely take your home to the next level!

Design Tip:  if you have wood windows and doors don’t paint them black to try and get the same look- it doesn’t work!  Highlight what you have! Not what you don’t.

If you are building a new home I'd at least have your builder price out steel windows. It never hurts to get the number right? Generally speaking, steel windows are double the cost of wood windows. But, hey, if you divide the cost by the rest of your life its practically free!

If you need help with window selection or need a source for steel windows please feel free to contact me!

In the meantime, get inspired by these gorgeous homes that have luxurious oversized steel windows. As you can see, the windows alone take these spaces to another level!

Virginia Harper

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