The Biggest Design Secret

Have you bought something that ended up being the wrong size? Have you are currently unhappy with a specific room in your house? Have you tried to put a room together without a floor plan? Answering yes to these questions is setting you up for failure from the beginning. You need an interior designer.

I want to share on of the biggest pieces of advice I give: use a floor plan when designing any space! I absolutely do not do any room with out a floor plan. You have to get the correct spacing, proportions and layout before you can start to order any pieces of furniture. I do this for a living. I put together rooms and spaces all day and I would NEVER buy anything for a room without doing a floor plan. Furniture spacing is not something you can just wing. It matters. It matters for the functionality of a space as well as the aesthetic.

Having a 2D or 3D rendering of a room can help you visualize a space. Polina Meteyko, Andrii Bondarenko, and Michelle Morelan are some of my favorite designers to draw inspiration from. Look how beautiful they are! 

Drawn by: Michelle Morelan Design

Drawn by: Polina Meteyko


Both drawn by: Andrii Bondarenko

If those sketches do not make you want a beautifully designed room, than I do not know what will?! I would love to help you create a floor plan so that you have the correct spacing, layout and proportions you need. 

My goal as an interior designer is for you focus on the important things in your life: family, fun, and festivities. Not going on Homegoods and Target scavenger hunts every week. Hire me to design a space for you, so that you can focus on the things you love. Do it once and do it right! 

Hiring a designer, specifically me, is not more expensive than trying to do it on your own. I do not charge hourly, but charge by purchased products.  A lot of people ask me if I have a minimum and I do. But even if you cannot meet my minimum, I would still love to help you. I want to be available for you to ask questions, suggest products, and give correct sizing. I would love to help you design a floor plan.

I want to help you! So, I am offering Digital Floor Plans for my followers for $100. You will not get a beautiful hand rendered drawing, but we will give you a floor plan and furniture recommendations that fit the size criteria of your room. This is an example of what you will receive (along with the custom dimensions of your room and the suggested furniture size and dimensions):

For the first 10 customers, we are offering them for $100! After that, they will be available at our normal price of $500.  Click here to place your order! 



Virginia Harper

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