Serene Bedroom

This stunning master bedroom by Melanie Turner is one of my absolute favorites! It is so restful which is exactly what a bedroom should be. Light, clean blues and lots of white make up this room's color palette. Bedrooms should not have too much going on. 

The bed is the focal point (and should be in a bedroom) and this bed is very clean and quiet. Everything else complements the focal point and doesn't compete. Artwork on either side of the bed can be tricky but this features quiet, abstract paintings that do not contrast the wall too greatly. The clean blue Euro shams keep the bed the focus. Layering Lamps that are the same color in front of the art add dimension and interest. The strongly tapered shades break up the rectangles and squares in the room. 

You don't have to go bold to have a stunningly beautiful room. Afterall, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. 

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