If you were to look in my car right now, you’d find an easel, a nail-gun, an assortment of paints and stains, canvases wet with oil, fabric samples, a couple lamps and mirrors, and a half dozen projects in-process. When I look at the world I see possibilities. I am a true artist at heart and have always had an eye for style and a fervor to create beautiful things. I absolutely love what I do.

On any given day, I may spend my morning pulling fabrics to create a vision board for a client, the afternoon in my wood shop building a rustic planter with my table saw and biscuit joiner, and my evening painting an abstract landscape oil on canvas. I am eager to take on any project and any challenge. I truly love all of my clients and I love helping people make their house a home. 

I would love to hear from you and see your space! Send me pictures of that wall you just can't find anything for or your living room that needs to be updated. I'm here to help! Contact me here.


Thank you for visiting!

-- Sarah Virginia & Team --

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